However many days later and last night my nail polish only just chipped a bit. Like, a square millimeter’s worth in one corner while I was picking at my teeth. Intense nail polish, dang.

Probably don’t stick around this blog if you’re here looking for thewigmonsters. Bad idea. Do everyone a favor and go straight to

I hate my sex organs today. Fuck it all.

I have been strongly thinking about making a male alter ego blog. Maybe I’ll use Todd Brinkmeyer and just be Todd instead of making an entirely new creation. Hm.

I love the imagery of black goo stuff leaking out of people. It’s not a usual human bodily fluid color, not in somewhat copious amounts of fluids anyway, so it’s not gore, but it still has a gore-like echo. Softcore gore. Diet gore. It’s really appealing. It’s kind of hot.


Sometimes the characters in the porn I read get weirdly and aggressively symbolic as an excuse to get them in certain situations and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

It’s becoming more and more common for me to not want much to do with sex, at least not where I’m involved. Nothing where my junk swells with blood or whatever. It’s boring and gross for the most part, except sometimes it isn’t but it still mostly is just with very specific exceptions. But even then it’s still kind of gross. Everything’s wet and damp and I’m not a fan. A lot of the things I’ve talked about enjoying here have just been in a very mentally pleasing way, not a way where I get off. I like those things. I like things that just kind of make me happy in a simple but hard to describe way. I have a sex drive and I’m kind of bitter about it. I just want everything to go away sometimes.

Really want to try food sex fun. Except whenever I daydream about eating something off of someone, I imagine taking a bite out of the person as well and that weirds me out a bit.

Masturbating is bleh. I like the sensations during but I’m not a fan of after. Everything’s slippery and feels wrung-out and it’s just kind of not fun.